About Us

About FLOC

The Friends of Little Orange Creek (FLOC) was formed to help with fundraising and support for Little Orange Creek Nature Park. FLOC was incorporated under Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation statues, and is a 501c(3) tax-exempt corporation.

The Friends of Little Orange Creek mission is to promote community partnerships for the appreciation of natural and cultural resources though conservation, recreation, are and environmental education. Our focus is to support these pursuits through the Little Orange Creek Nature Park.

About the park

The park consists of two parcels: 65 acres known as the DeGive Place, and an adjoining (across Highway 20) approximately 1135 wooded wetland acres. On the 65 acre setting exists a 5,000 square foot ranch style house. The property will eventually be connected with the existing 20-mile Gainesville-Hawthorne Trail, extension of which is already slated for development on an existing conservation easements. Currently the property is in a transition period, with the park unable to be open until the land use permitting and mastered engineered plans are completed.

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